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The problem with being an unrelenting nomad, both physically and digitally, means that I tend to throw all my junk in a laundry basket or folder with the intention of sorting it “later”, and then doing everything within my power to play Facebook Sims so that “later” is perpetually at bay. It’s a fine system, but a recent stroll through my camera’s photos reminded me that I made a bunch of cakes recently that I never shared. So that’s what we’re doing today.

June, 2012 The latest one is not very fancy at all – in fact, it kind of looks like a circular meatloaf here – but it bears including. Every June(ish) I somehow seem to be in the same place as my mother, which is great because her birthday is in June, and I’ve made a German Chocolate cake in some shape or form for the last several years. Even if I get weird an experiment-y with fondant (sorry, world) there’s still a Plain-Jane (#stealthjokes) G-choc cake. This time, Mom was getting married in the tiniest little ceremony, so her cake got classed up a little with Jordan Almonds.

April 2012 Another somewhat-plain creation, these cupcakes (in three different flavors!) were made for #TrekClass’ First Contact Day party. It seems only the first class will get the full glory that was the insignia’d cupcakes, but hey – they’re still delicious. (Box mix and homemade frosting – just the way Alton Brown permits the lazy to live.)

March 2012 Ducklings! Following instructions in the “What’s New, Cupcake?” book, I made these lemony ducks for the duck-crazy member of our librarian posse. They’re Mini M&Ms for eyes, molded Starbursts for beaks and feet, doughnut bites for heads (note: use a lighter doughnut next time!), and halved marshmallows for tails. Its takes some practice, but they’re super easy and cute.

March 2012 Part of the same Schmedia Birthday Extravaganza, a Finn head! Back in September, when I made the Fiona & Cake Pops, Dan asked for a Finn birthday cake. Well, I try not to disappoint. He’s an 8’x8′ chocolate in two layers, carved a little so he has ears. I didn’t use a template for his face, like I’ve done before, so he’s a bit smudgy. We were hungry. ^__^

December 2011 I’m pretty sure I took more pictures of these, and the process, with my Real Camera, so maybe I can post those later. Yet another Schmedia Birthday, these were for our Harry Potter enthusiast’s surprise party. The Snitches are lemon, in gold papers, with wings made of melted chocolate that I used a baggie to draw with. (They’re really derpy in person, trust me.) I also tried using some edible gold stuff over the icing, but it wasn’t going so great. I think I just added some yellow sanding sugar for sparkle.

The witch hates are the bottom half of a sugar cone attached to a Nabisco chocolate wafer. I believe I dipped them separately in melted chocolate, then re-dipped the cone edge to attach the two. If I had better luck with the candy melts I would have used the black ones, but they never get smooth enough for me. The icing on the cupcakes are in the house colors.

November 2011 I made these last year after seeing a picture of one on the internet, so I made them again for my roommates to take with them as we all split up for the holiday. It was also a “Thank You For Letting Me Live In Your Basement” present, since I had just moved in with them. The turkeys are caramel, on a nest of coated sunflower seeds and Runts.

Watching all of my photos import into iPhoto was sort of like watching your life flash before your eyes. It had photos from over the last three years, and even though they were 90% cats and cupcakes, they make an impact. I haven’t stayed put for very long, but every step is definitely a step forward. Every change feels like an improvement.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be moving again. I’m staying in LibraryHouse, but I’ll be moving upstairs. I hope to post some before and after pictures of my move, and of the furniture painting I intend to do. Dan and I also have some projects almost to a point where we can share, so watch out for that too. In the meantime, I’ve been moving my life from PC to Mac, so I’m going to let “later” arrive and try to get organized.

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