Sew Long and Prosper

You Guys, It's Like Two Puns In One!

All the pieces cut out for the tote bag

Near the end of June I started working on a Star Trek themed pattern to test out the fabric-creation website Spoonflower. The gist of it is, you make the pretty, they print the fabric. You can sell your designs to others, and buy other super cute designs. It’s great for crafters and quilters and most other fabric-users who aren’t quite satisfied with the selection at the local J-Fab.

I ordered a test swatch and wasn’t too pumped, so I tweaked my image and went ahead and purchased a full yard of the heavy twill. The turnaround time is about two weeks, depending, so this was mid-July when I made the order. I knew I was going to the Star Trek Convention in early August, so I wanted to make a great tote in lieu of a costume – I mean, I was technically there for work.

The colors aren’t 100% what I was expecting, and the folded piece I’ve had in my pocket/bag for the last month has started rubbing of a little on the creases. The first issue can be solved by my ponying up for a sample yard with the color chart on it, and I think the second can be solved if I can find a good sealing or setting agent. That will take experimenting. Of course, this is also the twill – I think the cottons hold the color better.

Super cute Spock doodle from one of the staff – “Highly Illogical!”

Most of all, the customer service was wonderful. They’re super informative, and the staff is funny as well. Both packing slips came with little Trekkie comments or doodles, and a nerdy printer operator was my first customer. In the last month I’ve had seven or eight orders, and the designers get a little commission on each sale. I’ll let you know how that process goes when I’m eligible to get my money.

As far as the tote bag goes, I never was able to make it. It seems my sewing machine pedal was lost in my last move – a very slap-dash event, what with the dumping and the rushing and the bad feelings. And this weekend is my move to New Jersey – surprise! A new pedal runs about $40, so I think my little goal for myself will be to use my Spoonflower commissions to get the new part. I’m about halfway there, and it’s some more motivation to try designing another print.

I’m not totally sure what it is I’ll be doing in Jersey, but I hope blogging is part of it. Dan and I are now both (mostly) certified school librarians, and he landed a sweet gig first, hence the Jersey thing. I’ll be doing a bunch of seemingly disparate things as I flounder through existence, most likely. And it will be fun.

In the meantime, you can see my fabric on the Spoonflower site here. I’ll be back with updates soon! Have a great weekend!


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