Post-Grad Grad Resolutions

And Ice Cream, Of Course


I haven’t posted since November, which at this point means a gap of six months. In that time I have experienced some major life changes, not the least of which include graduating from my masters program. It’s at least the most impressive, since the rest are things like, moved in with three classmates and seven cats, graded more student work than I ever conceived possible, was a founding crew member for an almost actual starship (office, whatever), and perfected my guacamole recipe.

In retrospect, I feel like a lot of my online writing consists of apologizing, planning, trying a new project, eventually failing at follow through, rinse, repeat. I’m a human person, and in my life both on and offline, I try things. Sometimes they stick, and sometimes they don’t. I revise and try again, or try something else altogether. My blogging history is a perfect example of this, so let’s all just agree to skip the apologizing and the detailed planning (at least, out loud), and get back to the trying and doing.

This graduation has left me at the end of a chapter. I have some ideas as to what may come next, but the uncertainty provides me with the kind of fresh-start opportunity we don’t get often enough. I’m shifting some priorities and getting back to the things that make me happiest. I look forward to capturing here that coming adventure, big or small. Expect me to keep talking about what I’m reading, but also what I’m creating and what I’m encountering and where I’m going and all that good stuff. And that’s the last apology / roadmap you get from me on the matter.

Here we go.

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