These are shows that I either host or appear on regularly. If you like games, you might like these too!


Modifier is a bi-weekly interview-style podcast focused on the cool ways people alter games and gaming in the pursuit of better storytelling and a super fun time! From fully-realized published systems to in-progress homebrews, we’re on a mission to highlight all the heroes that are modding games to better tell their stories.

Listen: iTunes
Twitter: @modifierpodcast
Network: One Shot Podcast Network

Second Watch

The fighter, bard and shugenja take the Second Watch at the One Shot Network, which is really just a chance for network hosts Meghan, Alex, and Jim to get a word in edgewise on what they’ve been up to lately and share their never-ending thoughts about games.

Site: Second Watch
Listen: iTunes (as part of the First Watch feed)
Twitter: Alex @muscularpikachu, Jim @GMJimMcClure, Meghan @meglish
Network: One Shot Podcast Network


Sometimes I crash other podcasts and productions – they’re all really good, so check them out!

Fake Geek Girlz cover art

Fake Geek Girlz

Jess and Mally talk to to nerdy ladies about their experiences growing up that way. We talked about early 2000s Sailor Moon fansites, high school programming classes, and frequent returns to education. – February 9, 2017
Site: Fake Geek Girlz | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes

Stop, Hack & Roll cover art

Stop, Hack & Roll

James and Brandon (Modifier’s #podcastrivals) let me crash for a Metatopia 2016 recap epsiode. We talk about what we learned from running our first panel, accessibility tips, and the games we loved at first play. – November 15, 2016
Site: Stop, Hack & Roll | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes

Never Tell Me The Pods cover art

Never Tell Me The Pods: Eye, Jedi

Pranks Paul hosts this Star Wars therapy / chat podcast for friends to dig deep into their SW feelings. I chipped in on this episode along with Kat Kuhl to help discuss the portrayal of blind characters in the franchise. – August 20, 2016
Site: Never Tell Me The Pods | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes

Party of One cover art

Party of One: 39 Dark

Jeff Stormer plays 2-players RPGs with a new guest every week. We play 39 Dark, the sequel to Mars Colony, and create a Martian all-girl punk band that has a lot of heart but maybe not the skill to get things done. – June 28, 2016
Site: Party of One | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes

Once Upon A Game cover art

Once Upon A Game: The Quiet Year

Eric Vulgaris, PK Sullivan, and I play “The Quiet Year”, a collaborative map-drawing storytelling game about one quiet year a community experiences building themselves back up after a long war with The Jackals. – April 23, 2016
Site: Eric’s Twitch
Watch: YouTube

Riverhouse Games cover art

Riverhouse Games: From Scratch

Taylor and I talked extensively about (almost) all the games I’ve been playing in 2016, which includes Golden Sky Stories, Monsterhearts, Fall of Magic, and more. We also played Caroline Hobbs’ “One Missed Call” from his pile of unplayed games, and it’s lots of fun! – April 17, 2016
Site: Riverhouse Games | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes

Once Upon A Game cover art

Once Upon A Game: Inspectres

Eric runs Inspectres for Alex Roberts, Hannah Shaffer, Darcy Ross, and myself. We decide our disruptive startup company “dsrptr” promises to bust ghosts with our proprietary app. VCs wanted! – March 26, 2016
Site: Eric’s Twitch
Watch: YouTube Part 1 | Part 2

Leviathan Files cover art

The Leviathan Files

The Leviathan Files’ Taylor, Chris, and SJ took a break between Mass Effect seasons to let me run a little Dragon Age adventure for them! We didn’t finish, but maybe there’s a part 2 in the future? – March 16, 2016
Site: The Leviathan Files | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes

One Shot cover art

One Shot: 129. Companion’s Tale

Recorded at Metatopia 2015, Laura Simpson ran her game “Companions Tale” for myself and fellow network hosts Alex Roberts, Kat Kuhl, and James D’Amato. It gets super weird!! – January 4, 2016
Site: One Shot Podcast | Episode Post
Listen: iTunes