Hourly Comic Day

Exactly What You Think

So for any of you not following me on tumblr (where I live now, it feels like), I participated in this year’s Hourly Comics Day. The gist is, you draw a snippet of whatever it is you’re up to for each hour you’re awake. Honestly, I don’t know how people do this AND get work done. I skipped a few redundant hours where I was working (or drawing the hourlies), which is pretty normal. And really, nothing super interesting happened today. I got stuff done? 30 Rock parted from my life?

I’m going to go now and try to get a little reading in, but you’ll notice from no book update this week that getting that time in has been a challenge with comicking regularly. (I gots other projects too, man!) I might do a comic book roundup or something, because there’s some GOOD JUNK I’ve started reading! Yes, that’s a fine idea.

Here you go:

hourly comics 2013

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  1. xanaxjunkee says:

    I don’t tumbl so I am glad you shared the hourly comic here. It’s really cute, especially the little side comments that are all tiny.

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